3 December, 2020 
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Total Station Stonex R1 Plus

Kode Produk: Total Station
Ketersediaan: 1
Rp. 50.000.000
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 50.000.000


Loaded with high-performance technologies, STONEX R1Plus Total Station guarantees long distance and accurate angles measurements. The perfect tool whenever the topographic works requires a light and fast machine, all day working thanks to 26 hours of continuous operating time.

The onboard field programs make STONEX R1Plus suitable for any construction site, cadastral, mapping and staking out works. No limitation for distance measurements, up to 5.000 m with a single prism - 500 m reflectorless (KGC 90%) – and 2” angular accuracy, always guarantee a reliable points calculation. STONEX R1Plus has been designed to hold out against rain and dust: the IP66 certification allows to go ahead with the survey even during hard rain. The body design is distinguished by its robust mechanical structure, and the high performance telescope, featuring 30X magnification and illuminated reticle, provide the best sighting quality in any lighting condition. STONEX R1Plus is not amazing only for its technical features. Enjoy the R1Plus price/benefit ratio, probably the most effective in the Total Station market, and 2 years of global warranty, guaranteed from the worldwide network of STONEX Authorized Distributors.


  • 500 m reflectorless measuring range, up to 5.000 m with a single prism, 2” accuracy
  • Communication with the mini USB port to load/download data
  • Complete field programs suite for data collection, staking out, resection, REM, area calculations, offset, point to line
  • Alphanumeric keyboard on both sides with high resolution backlighted LCD display
  • Large storage capacity with 128MB internal memory - External SD Card
  • IP 66 protection certification, dust and waterproof guaranteed



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CV. BNT - Total Station Murah
Service & Supplier Surveying Instrument
Sales | Purchases | Rent | Service | Repair | Calibration | Topography Service
CV. BNT bergerak dibidang topografi pengukuran survey yang mencakup pengadaan, penjualan, pembelian, sewa/rental, kalibrasi, perbaikan maupun jasa survey.
Kami merupakan Supplier alat teknik/alat survey/alat topografi maupun alat laboratorium, baik dalam kondisi bekas maupun kondisi baru berupa Total Station, Theodolite Digital, Waterpass, GPS Handheld, GPS Geodetik, Current Meter, Echosounder, Accesories seperti (Rambu Ukur, Tripod, Pole/Stik, Prisma AK, Prisma Polygon, Batre, charger dll), Alat Laboratorium seperti (Hammer Test, CBR, Speedy Moisture Tester, Sandcone, dll). Dengan Berbagai merk seperti Topcon, sokkia, Nikon, Leica, Garmin, Trimble, Stonex, Ruide, South dll. Kami juga menerima jasa sewa alat teknik/alat survey/alat topografi dan GPS geodetik.
Alamat : Komplek Sapta Taruna PU Jl Suhodo Blok B2 No 14 Terusan Buah Batu Bandung 40287
Phone : 022-87521608 | Mobile: 0812 2222 9059 | 0821 2113 0505
Email : bagjaniagateknik@yahoo.co.id | bnt.bdg@gmail.com
Website : www.totalstation.co.id
Jual Total Station dengan Harga Murah dan cari produk lainnya dari kategori Total Station dari Merek . 
Gratis biaya pengiriman untuk wilayah Bandung dan dapat dikirim ke seluruh Indonesia.
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